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Meet Our New Pastor

-1Welcome Rev. Lynn Stone!

PNC is Proud to Present Rev. Lynn Stone

After a year of meetings, praying, visiting, considering and excitement the PNC, guided by the Spirit of God determined that the next pastor for YLPC was Rev. Lynn Stone. This was confirmed by the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery and voted on by our congregation with a resounding positive vote. We thank God and all of you who were faithful and patient to the process.  Starting August 1st Rev. Lynn Stone will be our pastor.  We also welcome her husband Jonathon and daughter Katie. The following is an excerpt from Lynn’s Pastor Information Form (PIF):

“I want to serve a church that is dedicated to being a meaningful presence in its community, partnering with civic leaders as well as other faith groups to seek the peace of the city…God’s call on my life includes my role as wife and mother. I hope to serve a church that will be a spiritual home for my husband and daughter, providing them (and other families) with relationships that nurture their faith and opportunities to encounter Christ as they care for the “least of these.”

The PNC felt unanimously that Lynn was the pastor for YLPC as she is a long-time participant in the Los Ranchos Presbytery, and Orange County resident.  She was highly recommended by those we called as references. She is extremely capable and energetic and senses God’s call to be our pastor.  We are excited and you should be as well!  Be praying for this transition in the history of YLPC.

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